The easiest tool to transmit your wills

To set your holograph will, and prepare unilimited messages to your relatives.

Regardless of age, many of us have thought about passing on who we are, what we own, and leaving messages to our loved ones. LoveTestament combines all these features: the holographic will, the designation of heirs, but above all, with love, consider sending written messages, audio and even video, to all those who matter.


Holographic Will + sending messages/passwords to your loved ones = LoveTestament

The benefits of LoveTestament


Highly intuitive, LoveTestament provides holographic will and message templates, which you can organize according to the types of recipients.


The simplified version allowing the first 2 messages to be sent is 100% FREE. But for a few dollars more, you can send an unlimited amount of messages to all the people you love.


You can set up a LoveTestament account in 5 minutes, and type your love messages. Uploading your handwritten Holographic Will can take 30 seconds. That’s all !!!

Secure & Verified

Privacy and security are crucial. We keep secure your data. And upon your decision, we disclose and deliver to the sole persons you have designated.

Safe storage

We are expert in data and system security. We encrypt your personnal data.And keep your privacy.

Email information

You decide who are the people we inform about the existence of your LoveTestament account. And we deliver your messages from your behalf.

Innovating concept

The ideal mix of legal proof and personnal love messages to your relatives makes.

As many as you wish. We do not limit our customers since choices can evoluate.

LoveTestament has been developped by a team of tech experts. We safely keep your datas, private, and, according to your wishes, we send (deliver) the messages. We can also send the messages by sms.

Since your account has been opened, you choose Our system of messages and holographic.

Choose the plan that works for you


Have something to say.


  • No holographic will
  • 0 audio
  • 0 video


Unlimited text messages.

$9.99/ month

  • 1 holographic will
  • 1 change
  • 5 audio
  • 5 video
  • 2 min each


Unlimited text messages.

$15.99/ month

  • 1 holographic will
  • Unlimited changes
  • Unlimited audio
  • 10 videos
  • 3 min each

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